Customer Privacy


Your privacy is very important to ATZ, and that is why we have a Privacy Policy. This will explain the details of how we retrieve, use, transfer, and store your private information. Please read this policy carefully, and contact ATZ if you have any problems.


Retrieve & Use

Private information is the only way to identify and contact the customer. When purchasing a ATZ product from ATZ or a ATZ distributor, you may be requested to provide certain private information. ATZ and our distributors will share certain information with each other and use the information according to this policy. ATZ and our distributors may use the information provided by our customers and/or combine with other information in order to improve our products, or create marketing material to better promote our products and services.


Transfer & Store

All privacy information will be transferred to ATZ server and stored in our internal system. No information will be sold or transferred to a third party not associated with ATZ.



ATZ will always do our best to protect your privacy from theft, and improper use. ATZ will keep your private information for only a limited period, but maybe required to store information longer if mandated by law. ATZ demands our staff to follow this policy.


We encourage our customers to inform ATZ of any changes required, or any improvements to our privacy policy.





Please contact us for more inforamtion!