5. IP Camera Tool shows error information “Subnet does not match, dbclick to change!”

2012-11-28 16:26:41 TC 3810

        Normally, it is the reason that router cannot give the camera an ip address automatically. You can set a fixed LAN ip for the camera. When you set its IP, please keep the camera and your router or PC in the same subnet, in other words, keep the first three section of IP address the same.
There are three ways to confirm the address of subnet mask, gateway and DNS server:
        Login your router and choose the status of LAN, you can see the detailed information of subnet mask, gateway and DNS server. In fact, router’s LAN IP is just the gateway address. If you don’t know the DNS server, you can set it same with gateway.
       Check the local area connection of PC, it also contains the detail information of that;
       Find these information in DOS, the step is Start—>Run—>cmd—>ipconfig/all—>Enter, you can see all the information of subnet mask, gateway and DNS server.



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